Cape Town Club

   German  Shepherd  Dog  Federation  of  SA

The Cape Town club is the oldest and largest club
 in the GSD Federation. Founded in 1984, it provides a vital role in the rearing of well balanced German Shepherd Dogs and boasts a tremendous spirit of cameradarie, friendship and support. All aspects of the dogs' taining needs are catered for.

We provide a very valuable puppy socialising programme designed specifically for German Sherpherd Dogs. It is important to understand that the needs of a German Shepherd Dog are not the same as every other breed of dog. We therefore encourage every owner of a German Shepherd Dog puppy to take advantage of this service.



We also provide training for whatever your needs

are, be it for your domestic needs, showing,
breed survey or for any of the tests run by the
German Shepherd Dog Federation (Begleithund, Schutzhund, etc.)

The club also provides expert advice on breeding
and the general health of your dog.

The club is situated at Stan Abbott Park on Viking
Avenue, Epping, in the vicinity of the Grand West
Casino. For directions go how to find us.

Training tales place on a Sunday at 9h30 and on Wednesday evenings from 18h00.


Contact Jenni Biesman-Simons on
082 3777 452
for details.

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